Videos of our Dogs

Here are a couple of our Home Vidoes of the most important ones in our life - The Kerrys & Griffs.
We will try to add to these over time and we hope that you enjoy a sneak peak into our home.

{p.s. - we are still working out sound so at this stage, so some are silent movies :)  }


Just click on the Youtube link below...  

Diesel being Diesel
NZ Champion Nouveau Desacrator


Smith - Just Hangin' on the Farm
Australian GRAND Champion OLIZURE Betta ThDevil Uknow
Guinness & Ivy - Running around the farm
Australian GRAND Champion OLIZURE Lieka Pint
Austrialian Champion Sacrebleu Pureprint Blu
Olli - The Beach Babe
Olizure Hells Bells - bred by us, owned by Michelle & Scott

Contact Details

Barry & Pauline Oliphant
Lowood (1 hr west of Brisbane), QLD, Australia
Phone : 0419 023 950
Email : [email protected]