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These Olizure Kerries deserve a special mention as they have achieved qualifications above and beyond the roll of a normal companion Kerry.  I have a place on my website for Olizure show champions, but as these awards/qualifications require more explanation as to why and how they were achieved, I thought it was about time to give them their own pages.

Above is also a link to pictures that have been sent to us over the years of our Kerries in their new homes.  We love receiving updates and pictures - so feel free to send them to us. 

If you have an Olizure Kerry who has achieved an award or qualification that you would like to tell the world about, pls contact me as we would love to add them to our website. 


 [Above pic is of Nellie - Olizure HellovaGal.  Nellie is a companion Kerry who lives in a great home in the Blue Mountains with her older brother Finn - Olizure Kiss The Blarney.
She is groomed by the very talented Wendy Wouters.  This is Wendy's BEST IN SHOW winning trim for the Sydney Royal 2013 Grooming Competition - so well deserved]


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