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  Name : David henderson
Web Site :
Country : South australia
How you found us : Internet
Comments : Have just recently lost our gorgeous Kerry blue after 13 years.She has been a constant companion and after whippets and old english sheepdogs prior to Maisy we had a girl with a great personality and sense of humour.She shared our ten acre property in the Adelaide hills with a jack russell and ten sheep.A classy mover and protector she looked after my grandchildren and appeared to love their company and games.her recent life was unfortunately affected with minor health issues and she spent time at the vets,where she fitted in The vet spent time feeding her chicken which she purchased from the nearby roast chicken shop.It is now about 2 months since her passing and I have nearly finished tearing up when I talk about her.I think that now the only way torecover is to acquire another of this terrific breed .I shall be in Brisbane in the next couple of months and hope to visit Olizure to see your dogs and have a chat
Date : 30-Jun-14

  Name : Leona
Web Site :
Country : Australia
How you found us : Dogs on line
Comments : Congratulations on your successes with your outstanding dogs, they are all gorgeous. Great website too, your dedication & love shine thru. I am now officially in love with the Kerry breed. We have 2 mini schnauzers (13 & 6 yrs - adorable) but now may have to add a Kerry to the family, totally smitten... All the best Leona
Date : 25-Sep-13

  Name : Leanne
Web Site :
Country : Australia
How you found us :
Comments : So fortunate to have recently become a kerry blue owner, one of your dogs, 18 month old George Clooney. Best dog ever. Port Macqaurie. NSW.
Date : 24-May-13

  Name : Vanessa
Web Site :
Country : Australia
How you found us :
Comments : I can thoroughly recommend a kerry blue to anyone who is looking for a new dog. Mine came from a different breeder many years ago, but I have been happy with our choice in breeds. My Kerry Blue, Sooty, will be 16 years old in another 2 months. Yes, she has had her health problems. But she is still with me after all this time. I believe she was the runt of the litter. She only ever got to 14 kilos or so and is only 12 now. She has been riddled with lumps and bumps all her life. When she was young, we had them removed but don't worry much about them now. She's had a couple of mini strokes in the past few months and I thought I had lost her last time, but she is a fighter and is getting better now. She is the most affectionate dog I have ever met. She gives the best cuddles ever, melting into you. I've never had any problems with her being aggressive. And she's always been good with kids. When she was a puppy I had a budgie and they got on great. Yes, their coat is exactly like velcro, always getting things stuck in it. I groom her myself, giving her a slightly more scotty dog look which is a bit more practical. Keeping a short beard (which i clean with wet ones after eating), a little fringe and slightly longer hair on her legs, but a shaved body. I let her hair grow really long over winter to help keep her warm though. I've had many great years of enjoyment out of her and would probably get another kerry blue again.
Date : 11-Jan-13

  Name : Archie
Web Site :
Country : Australia
How you found us : live next door
Comments : Hi there! Walking past all the Kerries almost every day now, and they told me the other day that they can't work out where the "white Kerries" came from, they are a bit concerned that you are going to start showing them now. My mum told me I will have to leave them alone when they move to the paddock between us. I am not promising anything, but will give it my best shot. Archie
Date : 29-Nov-11

  Name : Nicole
Web Site :
Country : Tasmania
How you found us : looking for Kerry Breeder
Comments : Our beautiful Kerry Blue, Billie Taboo, passed away at 17 years and is so missed. They really are a wonderful breed. Loving and such characters. May have found where our next puppy is coming from!
Date : 13-Sep-11

  Name : bagsales
Web Site :
Country : us
How you found us :
Comments : Very good site.
Date : 20-Jun-11

  Name : pat o regan
Web Site :
Country : ireland
How you found us : browsing
Comments : some nice kerries best of luck in the future from brykar kerries
Date : 5-Dec-10

  Name : kathryn
Web Site :
Country : new zealand
How you found us :
Comments : my family purchased our beautiful kerry Cara from you coming up 5 years ago. just letting you know that she is the most wonderful dog and a huge part of our lives she is so intelligent and knows exactly what she can get away with!!! we had never had a dog before just cats so it was a bit of a learning curve, our cat constantly lets cara know who is boss but sometimes when they think their owners arent watching Belles allows Cara to sit quite close to her and they have a snuggle. i cant imagine what life would be like if you hadnt let us take Cara she is a joy to own thank you so much!
Date : 2-Oct-10

  Name : Malcolm
Web Site :
Country : Australia
How you found us :
Comments : We have a 4 yo Kerry, purchased from breeder near Bribie Island, but no longer breeding Kerrys. He is an absolute joy but we sense would be alittle more b etter off with another Kerry for companion. Should any mature Kerry become available we would delighted to hear. With regards Malcolm
Date : 30-Jul-10

  Name : Lisa Marie Wilkins
Web Site :
Country : USA
How you found us : Dean Freshwater
Comments : Love the website and you dogs are beautiful and your current up and coming pups are lovely. Good Luck with them in the show ring....the little bitch is my favorite. ;-)
Date : 9-Feb-10

  Name : Dhana
Web Site :
Country : Oz
How you found us :
Comments : Congratulations on your new girl and her achievements over the weekend, she looked like she was having the time of her life and thoroughly enjoying herself. She was an absolute pleasure to watch, as are all your dogs, they truely are a credit to you. Congratulations on all you have achieved and may the future bring you continued success.
Date : 12-Jan-10

  Name : thanos
Web Site :
Country : greece
How you found us :
Comments : wonderful site and really nice dogs!!!!!i have enjoyed a lot serfing and i will be back!!!i have started breeding the kerries in greece and i am a great fan of them and of course of all the kerries people.wish you all the best for you and your dogs.
Date : 29-Nov-09

  Name : Kylie Wright
Web Site :
Country : Australia
How you found us : DOL
Comments : Amazing Kerrys! Love the pics of the boys growing up, that is so cute!... Hows my baby looking? x
Date : 24-Oct-09

  Name : veronica
Web Site :
Country : australia
How you found us : web and sporting terrier show
Comments : Congratulations on the litter of lovelies...wish I could reach through the screen and have a kiss of a kerry. I've been checking your site regularly since our chat at Sporting Terrier Show back in Aug 09. Hope to see you and the K's in 2010.
Date : 18-Oct-09

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