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.... Mature Dog available to only the best home ....

We are currently looking for the most perfect home for a 6 year old Kerry Blue Terrier boy.  Previous experience with owning a Kerry is preferred but if you a lover of Terriers, then a Kerry may be right for you.  This boy is housetrained, lead trained and certainly full of love and fun.  Please contact us if you would like to consider adding an older Kerry to your home and we can discuss the possiblity and suitability of this Kerry for you.  We are in no hurry to let this boy go, so if the perfect home is not found, then he will certainly be staying.  The only reason that we are considering another home for him is that I don't want him having to share our love with our other Kerrys as he deserves to be spoilt rotton.


Some people believe that it is terrible to rehome an older Kerry, but when the right person or family comes along, and a mischievous puppy would just not suit them or their lifestyle, but an older Kerry would, then it is a chance for these people to still have a loving Kerry family member without all the burdens or trouble that a young puppy sometimes creates.  We will be very selective with the home that we place this lad with, so if you would like to know more information, pls drop us a line.

We have found great homes for older Kerrys over the years, and we still keep in touch with all of them.  We will provide you with support and information for you and your new kerry eddition.  
To put it simply, “what you see is what you get” - when it come to an older Kerry.

If you think that a mature dog may be more suitable for you than a puppy, pls feel free to contact us and we can discuss the suitability of an older dog for you and your family.

Contact Details

Barry & Pauline Oliphant
Lowood (1 hr west of Brisbane), QLD, Australia
Phone : 0419 023 950
Email : [email protected]